Welcome to Mischief & Mayhem


Mischief & Mayhem is a great place to try new and exciting wines in Adelaide without travelling into the hills or vales. We have an ever-changing selection of exciting varietals from small-batch winemakers, that is sure to expand or excite your palette.

Alongside our small-batch wines, we also offer cocktails and a lovely Tapas selection. Among the more popular items, we have cheese platters, ranging from the classic Chatter Platter, or the Gourmet Platter; each with a selection of cheeses, fruits, dips, pateĀ img_0746and nuts.

More than Wine and food, Mischief also has an atmosphere dominated by illustrious artworks by local artists. If you have a passion for art or would like to learn more, inquire with us about joining our art club!



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