We do not have a hire fee for our venue.

At Mischief and Mayhem, we regularly cater for large functions, ranging from twenty to two hundred people. Our beautiful beer garden is available for large outdoor events, or for smaller groups, our private rooms accommodate up to twenty people.

Large groups can enjoy our special selection of tapas, catered to your particular needs, be they vegetarian, gluten free or any other allergen or taste.

For any group, we recommend our Gourmet Platter, a wine barrel top which serves 25-30 people as a grazing plate. This is a mix of cheeses, pate, cured meats, handmade lavosh, fresh and dried fruits, nuts, seeds, dips and more. $260 predominantly GF.

Tapas platters

Leek and Cranberry Caerphilly Strudels $75

Crumbed Mozzarella Sticks served with roasted beetroot chutney $75

Potato Prawns, tails wrapped in finely shredded potato and served with Kim-chi mayonnaise $75 GF

Roquefort and Peach Bruschetta $75

Slow cooked Chicken drumettes baked in a sticky bbq marinade $55 GF

Cheese, chive and roasted garlic Choux Puffs $75

Smoked Salmon Horseradish and Pea vol au vents $85

Mini Chipolata with spiced baked apple, wrapped in prosciutto $75 GF

Beetroot Blinis with Garlic Mushrooms $75

Moroccan spiced Lamb Koftas $75

Beetroot and Goats cheese Crostini $55

Crispy Coconut and Sesame Chicken $75

Mini Lamb Kababs $75

Each Tapas platter will serve approx 8 to 10 people.

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