Tapas Menu

There’s so much new food to try, our Tapas menu is always evolving to give a new flavors and experiences.


Tapas Menu

Potato Roasties    vegan    gluten free
served with dipping sauce $8

Crumbed Mozzarella Sticks   vegetarian
served with fruit chutney $8

Halloumi Chips   vegetarian
Hand cut halloumi, deep fried and seasoned with lemon pepper $9
Strawberry salsa option $4

Edamame Beans   vegan   gluten free
Soft young soybeans sauteed in chilli, coriander, lemon, ginger and garlic $9

Dip Plate   vegetarian
Selection of three dips of the day, served with warm pita $12

Spanakopita   vegetarian
Greek spinach pie, finished with coriander, tomatoes and feta $9

Chatter Platter   vegetarian   gluten free
A selection of soft and hard cheese, handmade fennel lavosh, rice crackers, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds $23/$43

Lamb Kofta   gluten free optional
Ground lamb sticks mixed with aromatics and served with yoghurt in pita $9

Chorizo   gluten free optional
Sauteed in wine with bacon and caramelized onions, along with toast $12

Pate   gluten free optional
Duck and Black Truffle pate with toasted brioche $14

Potato Prawns   gluten free
Prawn tails wrapped in spiraled potato, friend till crispy, served with kewpie mayo $9

Mezze Board
A selection of cured meats, traditional mozzarela caprese, pickled vegetables and bread $23

Tapas Platter   gluten free optional
A full board of chef’s choice tapas, suitable for groups $65


To Finish…

Please see the display fridge for an Assortment of cakes and tarts available

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